Central to the religious life of the school is the person of Jesus Christ who came among us ‘as one who serves’ (Luke 22.27). Our Catholic school is committed to reaching out to help those in need, through charitable outreach initiatives. All outreach activities connect to the person of Jesus Christ and to the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. Drawing on the Catholic Social Teaching of the Church, we have a deep commitment to supporting a range of charitable organisations, families and individuals in need.

A significant aspect of promoting respect and responsibility is demonstrating awareness of those who do not have the same opportunity. We encourage our community to recognise community-based and social justice issues. Further, we support the engagement of students and our community in programs of action, to support others where possible and appropriate, thus putting into action our school motto, ‘In Giving We Receive’.

Our student-led social justice committee meets regularly to discuss and coordinate initiatives to support those in need. This promotes the interconnectedness of our community and encourages the students to consider ways they can serve and give to our school parish, community and the environment.